International Links

Aviareto (Post-Application)

International Civil Aviation Organization

International Registry of Mobile Assets

World Civil Aviation Authorities

SRI Institute



Aircraft Financing Companies
Van Bortel Finance Corporation

Trade Shows / Convention

Dubai Air Show

EAA Experimental Aircraft Association

European Trade Show

HAI - Helicopter Association International


National Aircraft Finance Association

NARA - National Aircraft Resale Association

NBAA - National Business Aviation Association

Oshkosh Air Show

Paris Air Show

FAA Links

Aviation Accident Database & Synopses

Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO)

National Transportation Safety Board

Law Firms
Debee Gilchrist Law Office
100 N Broadway Ave # 2270, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Wallace & Wallace P.C.
(405) 605-6100
R. Brown Wallace -

R. Brown Wallace (

Space & Beyond
Flash Earth


Greenwich Mean Time Converter

NASA - Space

MetED Aviation Weather

3D Satellites Tracking system

U.S. agencies involved in aeronautics or space research:

Department of Commerce 
+ NOAA Weather Satellites 
+ NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS) 

Department of Defense 
+ Advanced Research Projects Agency 
+ United States Strategic Command 

Department of the Interior 
+ EROS Data Center, (Landsat data archive)

Department of Transportation 
+ Federal Aviation Administration 
+ National Science Foundation

International Space Agencies:

+ European Space Agency (ESA) 

+ Russian Federal Space Agency (in Russian) 

+ Italian Space Agency (in Italian) 

+ Canadian Space Agency (CSA) 

+ Centre Nationale d' Etudes Spatiales (CNES) 
+ Centre d'études et de Recherches de Toulouse (CERT) (installation of ONERA)

+ German Aerospace Center (DLR) 

+ Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) 
+ JAXA Earth Observation Center

+ Swedish National Space Board 
+ Swedish Space Corporation 

United Kingdom 
+ British National Space Center

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